Find Out How to Choose the Best Eyelash Treatment for you!

Our salon exclusively focuses on eyelash services, offering a variety of options including lash lifts, tints, classic, hybrid, and volume sets that may be overwhelming, especially for first-time visitors. Unsure of what suits you best? We’ve created a comprehensive flowchart to guide you in selecting the ideal service, considering your daily lifestyle and specific eyelash type, whether you seek a subtle enhancement or dramatic volume:

A. Lash Lift

Elevate your beauty routine with our premier Lash Lift service, a favourite in Brisbane’s vibrant beauty scene. This transformative treatment, perfect for the bustling summers, offers a refreshing makeover with its promise of low maintenance and enduring charm. Ideal for dynamic women, from busy professionals to active moms, it ensures a flawless look amidst the heat. Our cutting-edge technique lifts lashes from the root, creating a mesmerizing open-eyed effect and the illusion of fuller lashes, with results lasting up to 8 weeks. Tailored to those seeking a natural enhancement without the discomfort of extensions, our service is a celebration of your innate beauty. Experience the convenience and elegance of beautifully curled lashes, making every day a confident stride into the world. Learn more or Book Online.

B. Lash Lift and Tint Set

Lash Lift and Tint Set at MLashes Brisbane

Dive into the ultimate eyelash transformation with our Lash Lift and Tint Set, a service that stands as a testament to elegance and simplicity in Brisbane’s lively beauty landscape. Cherished for its refreshing summer allure, this dual treatment merges the eye-opening impact of a lash lift with the depth-enhancing benefits of a lash tint. It’s a match made in heaven for the modern woman on the go, including the super-moms navigating the challenges of daily life, offering an effortlessly polished look perfect for the warmer months.

The addition of a tint, using a carefully selected black dye, brings out the full potential of every lash. It’s especially transformational for those with blonde or brown lashes, darkening them to reveal a striking contrast that frames the eyes beautifully. Even those blessed with naturally dark lashes find a delightful depth added to their gaze, achieving a richness that no mascara can match. This service is not just about enhancing the natural beauty of your lashes; it’s about elevating your entire look with minimal upkeep, lasting up to 8 weeks. Whether you’re seeking to simplify your beauty routine or aiming for that subtle yet impactful eye enhancement, our Lash Lift and Tint Set promises a radiant, confidence-boosting appearance that endures. Learn More or Book Online.

C. Classic Natural Set

Embark on a captivating beauty journey with our Classic Natural Set, a gateway to the world of eyelash extensions, specially crafted for newcomers. This service, celebrated for its ability to mimic a natural mascara finish, introduces the elegance of classic flat lashes, a trend that’s stirring excitement in Brisbane for its understated, sophisticated charm. Unlike traditional round lashes, flat lashes boast a flatter base, offering a more natural curve, density, and unparalleled lightness, ensuring your comfort while enhancing your natural beauty in a timeless, trend-setting manner.

Ideal for beginners, classic flat lashes provide a subtle volume increase and length enhancement, perfect for those seeking a refined, yet noticeable, boost to their natural lashes. With approximately 70 lashes per eye, this set promises a lightly enhanced look, akin to a soft touch of mascara. Whether you’re stepping into the world of eyelash extensions for the first time or looking for a subtle enhancement, the Classic Natural Set stands as a testament to the beauty of simplicity and elegance. Embrace this understated beauty with classic flat lashes, and let your eyes tell a story of effortless elegance and sophistication. Learn More or Book Online.

D. Classic Full Set

Unveil the allure of fuller, more voluminous lashes with our Classic Full Set, an exceptional choice for those ready to elevate their lash game. Building on the foundation of our beloved Classic Natural Set, this service amplifies your lash volume by approximately 1.5 times, incorporating the sophistication of classic flat lashes for a look that’s both dense and naturally beautiful. Especially popular in the heart of Brisbane, this enhanced set promises a captivating look that lasts, extending the duration of your lash beauty significantly.

Classic flat lashes, with their innovative flatter base, provide a more natural curve and density, making them a perfect match for this fuller set. They offer the ideal blend of length, volume, and lightness, ensuring comfort without compromising on the stunning effect. Ideal for those who have already dipped their toes into the world of eyelash extensions and are seeking a noticeable yet refined enhancement, this set offers around 100 lashes per eye, crafting a richer, more defined appearance akin to wearing high-quality mascara. Step into the elegance of fuller lashes with our Classic Full Set, where sophistication meets volume in a dance of beauty. Learn More or Book Online.

E. Hybrid Natural Set

Step into the enchanting world of Hybrid Natural Set lashes, a mesmerizing blend of artistry and innovation that’s transforming the eyelash extension scene in Brisbane. This unique service merges the precision of classic lash techniques with the voluminous impact of volume lashes, crafting a look that’s as versatile as it is beautiful. Perfect for those who adore the natural elegance of classic lashes yet yearn for a touch more fullness, or for the fashion-forward souls eager to experiment with the latest lash trends spotted on social media, our hybrid design is your canvas for self-expression.

Embrace the allure of hybrid flat lashes, where the best of both worlds meets to create a customizable, eye-catching aesthetic. This approach not only enhances your natural beauty but also allows for a personalized look that can range from the subtly enhanced to the boldly dramatic. Ideal for complementing your makeup with just the right amount of flair or for diving into new, stylish designs, hybrid lashes adjust to your unique style and eye shape.  Learn More or Book Online.

F. Hybrid Full Set

Unleash the ultimate lash transformation with our Hybrid Full Set, a luxurious upgrade that doubles the allure of our Hybrid Natural Set. This exquisite service is designed for those who not only seek to enhance their lash volume but also desire an enduring beauty that stands the test of time. Perfect for the sophisticated woman who wishes her eyes to reflect her dynamic lifestyle and fashion-forward sensibility, this set promises a breathtakingly full and multidimensional look that lasts.

In the heart of Brisbane, where innovation meets elegance, our hybrid lashes are a testimony to the art of beauty enhancement. By blending classic and volume lash techniques, we achieve an unparalleled natural yet amplified appearance. This set is ideal for those who covet volume without sacrificing a natural aesthetic and for the trendsetters eager to experiment with looks that range from the subtly refined to the dramatically bold.

With the Hybrid Full Set, expect a mesmerizing lash density that not only elevates your look but also prolongs the captivating effect, ensuring that your lashes remain the centrepiece of your beauty routine. Step into our salon and let us tailor a lash experience that transcends the ordinary, making every glance a statement of unparalleled elegance and lasting impact. Learn More or Book Online.

G. Volume Natural

Discover the enchanting allure of Volume Natural lashes, a refined take on the voluminous extensions that redefine elegance. Far removed from the conventional mega-volume associated with high-glam events, our approach is tailored for the woman seeking beauty in subtlety. Crafted from the finest, lightweight, and soft lashes, each fan-like cluster is meticulously designed to provide a light, airy feel that’s as comfortable as it is stunning.

Our Volume Natural set challenges and transforms the outdated notion that volume means flashy. Instead, we aim for a doll-like density and fluffiness with reduced length for a more natural appearance. It’s a pleasant surprise for many who’ve experienced heavier volume lashes elsewhere, as our unique method ensures a look that’s both breathtaking and believably yours.

Ideal for those who desire a significant yet sophisticated boost in lash volume, this service caters to anyone looking to enhance their gaze with a touch of natural glamour. The Volume Natural set is perfect for achieving a fuller look that harmonizes with your natural beauty, offering an eyeliner-like definition without the need for makeup. Step into our salon and let us transform your lashes into a masterpiece of natural elegance, where each blink reveals the depth of your style and the essence of understated sophistication. Learn More or Book Online.

H. Volume Full

Elevate your lash game to unparalleled heights with our Volume Full set, an exquisite service designed for those who covet the ultimate in lash luxury. Doubling the density of our Volume Natural set, this premium option offers a lavish, dramatic look that maintains a stunningly natural appearance, redefining what it means to wear volume lashes. It’s the perfect choice for the discerning woman who desires her eyes to not just whisper but boldly declare her presence.

Our Volume Full set is crafted with the utmost care, employing ultra-thin extensions in a 2D-5D fan shape applied to each natural lash. This meticulous technique fills in gaps and achieves a lush, dense look, all while ensuring the health of your natural lashes with a specialized application that minimizes strain. It’s a symphony of beauty and wellness, creating a look that’s as comfortable to wear as it is breathtaking to behold.

Designed for those seeking an eye-catching volume boost and an eyeliner-like definition without the hassle of makeup, the Volume Full set delivers a fluffy, dense appearance that’s reminiscent of doll-like lashes. Whether you’re stepping out for a special occasion or simply want to elevate your daily beauty routine, this set guarantees a longer-lasting result that captivates and enchants. Dive into the transformative world of volume eyelash extensions at our salon, where every set is a masterpiece of elegance and confidence. Learn More or Book Online.

Final thoughts:

Dive into the allure of bespoke eyelash artistry at our Spring Hill, Brisbane salon, where every lash service is tailored to meet the unique desires of the modern woman. From the transformative Lash Lift and Tint to the voluminous delights of our Volume Full Set, and the bespoke elegance of our Hybrid Natural and Full Sets, we’ve curated a suite of services designed to captivate and enhance your natural beauty. Whether you’re a newcomer eager to explore the subtle elegance of our Classic Natural Set or looking to indulge in the luxurious depth of our Volume Natural options, our salon is your gateway to eyelash perfection.

We invite you to explore the myriad of possibilities our services offer on our website, each designed with your satisfaction and beauty aspirations in mind. Located in the heart of Spring Hill, Brisbane, our salon is a place for beauty innovation, dedicated to elevating your look with the latest in eyelash extension artistry. Come and experience the transformation for yourself, and let us tailor a lash experience that celebrates your individuality and leaves you feeling truly beautiful.