Eyelash Care Essentials: Guard Against Eyelash Mites with Proper Techniques – Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of our enlightening series on eyelash mites. Having delved into the hidden world of these tiny inhabitants and their symptoms in our previous post, we now shift our focus to the essential aspect of prevention and proper eyelash care. This is particularly pertinent for beauty enthusiasts in Brisbane and Spring Hill who indulge in eyelash extensions, lash lifts, and other treatments.

The Crucial Role of Eyelash Hygiene

Maintaining proper eyelash hygiene isn’t just about looking good; it plays a vital role in ocular health. Especially after receiving eyelash treatments, it’s essential to strike a balance between gentle handling and thorough cleansing.

Effective Cleansing Techniques for Healthy Eyelashes

Gentle Cleansing Around the Eyes:

Avoid applying excessive pressure when cleansing around the eyes. This is a common mistake, as many individuals tend to close their eyes tightly, hindering thorough cleaning. Instead, relax the muscles around your eyes for more effective cleansing.

2 a kid washing his face with water and a forbidden with transparent sign on top

Rinsing with a Gentle Swaying Motion:

When rinsing, imagine gently swaying the base of your eyelashes. There’s no need for vigorous rubbing. Let water flow through all lashes and the spaces between them.

Check for Residual Make-up:

After cleansing, ensure no eye shadow or eye-liner remains on the lower lashes. A mirror check can help confirm a complete cleanse.

Preventive Measures Against Eyelash Mites

Consistent and effective eyelash care can significantly reduce the risk of eyelash mite overpopulation. Here are some additional tips:

Regular Pillow Cover Replacement: Mites can transfer between your lashes and bedding. Frequently changing your pillow covers can help prevent this.

Avoid Sharing Eye Makeup: Sharing eye makeup, especially mascara and eyeliners, can transfer mites. Always use your personal makeup to minimize the risk.

Regular Use of Cleansers and Eyelash Shampoos: Opt for products specifically formulated for eyelashes. These specialized cleansers help maintain hygiene while being gentle on your lashes and eyes. In Australia, there are a few eye shampoos popular for their effectiveness:

  1. Prolong Lash™ Cleanser: A gentle foaming cleanser designed to keep extensions clean without damage.

    prolong lash shampoo

  2. Elleebana Eyelash Shampoo: A formulation perfect for those who want a gentle yet thorough clean.

  3. Locks Lash Aftercare Package: A complete solution for maintaining lash hygiene post-extension.


The Role of Diet and General Health in Eyelash Care

A nutritious diet rich in vitamins, particularly vitamin E, can promote healthier lashes. Combined with general skin health, a balanced diet helps support follicle strength and reduces the likelihood of mite overpopulation.

Do Your Eyelashes Need Professional Cleaning?

Professional deep cleansing can be a game-changer, especially for those with symptoms like dry eyes or redness. Let’s explore a real-life case:

A client, diligent in maintaining her eyelash extensions, had naturally oily skin and experienced dry eyes. Despite her routine care, she was surprised by what a professional deep cleansing revealed.

Close-up of eyelashes:

Now, let’s get even closer:

Eyelashes close-up, ready but before of cleaning treatment

Notice the clumps of waste and sebum. These impede lash growth and encourage mite development. We begin by softening these clumps with a cotton pack:

A fine-textured eye shampoo is then used to gently massage the sebum away.



After gently washing off the foam, let’s confirm the dirt that has surfaced.

Eyelash professional deep cleaning removing excess sebum at MLashes Brisbane


A comparison between the initial state and the state where the dirt has surfaced. We’ll remove all of these thoroughly.

The difference is clear. The lashes appear refreshed and clean.

Eyelash professional deep cleaning - after exfoliation - sebum removal at MLashes Brisbane

Post-rinse, we continue with pre-treatment and eyelash extension attachment.

Eyelash professional deep cleaning - after sebum removal and before applying eyelash extensions at MLashes Brisbane

As this was an infill session, we cleaned and added extensions to the existing lashes.

The result? A refreshed, clean look with neatly arranged lashes.

Special Deep Cleansing Offer at MLashes Brisbane

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Eyelash care goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s an integral part of maintaining ocular health and hygiene. By adopting these practices, you can ensure the health and beauty of your lashes, whether you enjoy extensions, lifts, or natural lashes. Stay proactive in your eyelash care and enjoy the confidence that comes with healthy, beautiful lashes!

See you soon at MLashes Brisbane.